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Our group will go to various ranges around town. You will get to shoot new guns. You shoot our guns, we get to shoot yours. If you don't have a gun someone will let you use theirs as long as you offer to contribute for ammo. We will do desert shoots, indoor shoots, gun events such as open carry dinners, and much more! Join us so we can shoot together.
We will also team up with http://www.valleygungroup.com to go to Front Sight several times a year. Front Sight is in our backyard and is the nations premier gun training facility. We get courses that normally cost $2000 for only $100 because we are with valleygungroup in AZ. Call Jayson if you want to host events. 480-518-0747 Valley Gun Group in AZ has almost 2400 members and finds discounts for us!

This group is great for meeting new people, meeting new friends, and potentially growing your business. Please do not sell us, but become our friend, be of service and give us value!

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The Range 702

My name is Jim Mayo and I welcome you to the Nevada Gun Group 2019! Itinerary: 4:00-Meet and shoot The Range 702 (5999 Dean Martin Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89118) Safety- Safety is paramount when dealing with firearms and members. There are many resources. Please be mindful and always have everyone's safety as a priority and we will do the same. A chamber flag or two in your range bag is always handy. Thank you on behalf of all NGG members and RSO's of Nevada and beyond. https://www.gunsweek.com/en/technics/articles/4-rules-gun-safety Goals- I want to help you reach your self defense/firearm goals in 2019. Please think about what you want to achieve. Examples: Get a CCW, marksmanship improvement, better at manipulating your firearm. I will help you on your path. Gear- Some gear is nice to have and other gear is essential gear. It will benefit you to have a proper belt, a good holster that suits your needs and a firearm you can operate. This mainly applies if you want to train/perform drills and prep for a CCW , competition or Front Sight. Practice, Training and Drills- Whether you want to come out and make some friends while plinking with a .22lr or training for a competition, CCW, or marksmanship you are welcome to Nevada Gun Group. Also here is my cell [masked]) in case you need to call/text me. If you have any target games or training ideas that we can perform inside the range please feel free to bring them along. I really enjoy the battleship and dart style target games. Thank you.

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Clark County Shooting Complex

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