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This meetup is for people interested in the sacred and spiritual practice of Tantra.

The intention of this group is to support and promote the exploration of the sacred and spiritual expansion that practicing and teaching sacred Tantra, Tantric Healing Arts, and Tantra Yoga can produce. All interested parties are welcome, whether you are a teacher, practitioner, beginner, single, or partnered, LGBTQI.

Mission Statement of the New England Tantric Meetup:

* Our sole purpose is to support and promote sacred Tantra, Tantric paths and values, and the Tantric Healing Arts, to meet and share experiences for the benefit of everyone's growth and awareness, and to expand consciousness and unconditional love for all group members.

* Membership is open to all and does not discriminate regardless of legal age, race, gender, belief systems, or body types.

* We do not support strict dogma or belief systems, and no belief systems will be forced upon anyone by other members. We only ask that all members be kind to one another.

We look forwarding your joining this incredible community of spiritual seekers!

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Access Bars® Practice and Certification Class


Access Bars® are 32 points on your head that, when gently touched, effortlessly, and easily release anything that stops you from feeling joy and ease in your life. Hundreds of thousands of people have used Access Bars® to change many aspects of their body and their life, including sleep, health and weight, money, sex and relationships, anxiety, stress, and so much more. What could a Bars session create for you? (In-person sessions only)

How many of the following apply to you?

​--> You’re tired all day, but when your head hits the pillow at night, your brain goes into overdrive, and you can’t sleep.

--> You’re constantly exhausted or high on adrenaline – you can’t seem to relax into your life and achieve a happy “medium.”

--> You’ve tried meditation, yoga, journaling, and more – but you can’t quiet your mind for long enough to feel the benefits, OR you’re finding it exhausting keeping up with all of these practices.

--> You’ve tried every wellness practice on the block, and then some, and nothing seems to help you relax.

There is another way...

Access Bars® can feel like hitting the delete button on your computer’s cluttered hard drive – only this time, you’re creating space in your brain. Things like negative thought patterns, or that endless mental chatter keeping you awake at night, can be released and make space for the calm you’ve been seeking.

What does it feel like?

Access Bars® involves gentle touch on 32 points of the head.

Having your ‘Bars run’ (receiving a session) is relaxing and peaceful; imagine the after-effects of a great massage or walk in nature. At worst, that’s all you’ll feel!

At best, you can feel a sense of total ease, unlike anything else, that starts to change your whole life.


On Sunday, Jan 30th, I am teaching a daylong on the Access Bars® class.

You will learn powerful tools with the potency to change your life AND you will learn about Access Bars®! You will give/receive TWO sessions and then guess what?

You can trade Bars.

You can offer Bars as part of your practice and get paid!

How does it get any better than that?

*** There are only 2 spaces left.

To hold your spot: Venmo me $350 @Robyn-Vogel and put Access Bars in the note. I will email you details about location, food and more!

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