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Create A Vision Board For Your Life
Creating a Vision Board is more than pasting pictures to a board. It's a way of taking time for yourself to get really clear around what you want, sell it to yourself, anchor to your dreams and allow the magic of manifestation to work in your life. The day begins with a guided meditation to prepare to get really clear around what you want to create in your life, using tools and techniques that I use in my own life. Once you're clear, you'll flick through magazines, select pictures and words that resonate with you, cut them out and paste on a board. This really is a simple, fun and powerful process and I know the subtle tricks to make your Vision work. Vision Boards have helped Oprah, Katy Perry, Ellen Degeneres and others achieve success. Click HERE ( to join me and make yours! I am hosting a Creating A Vision Board For Your Life Workshop. A full-day immersion for you to concentrate and maintain focus on your authentic life, in a safe environment with like minded people and have FUN! You'll gain: - Clarity around what you want - Space to focus on your authentic life - Letting go of what's getting in your way - Connection with like minded people - All the materials you need to create your Vision Board, although you can bring your own pictures if you want to! - Your own Vision Board to take home, put somewhere prominent and imagine the miracles So, what's stopping you joining me? Space is limited so click HERE ( to book your ticket. Early Bird price £35.00 before 21st April. Contact me with any questions on[masked] I'd love to hear from you. Madeline

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What we're about

Are you creating more of what you DON'T want rather than what you DO want?

If so... What do you do when you hear yourself SOS?

I went through a difficult time a couple of years ago and I set Intentions. I found it hard to have clear Intentions as there were so many changes going on in my life I was unsure where to begin. So, I took baby steps. I felt vulnerable and overwhelmed and decided to trust that the Universe, God, a higher source was guiding me and that something far bigger than me was going to come out of it, as I was unable to believe I was going through all this change for nothing!

Here's the steps I take when I hear me SOS:

Stop! Breathe and ask What am I focusing on?

Opposite. What do I want instead?

Shift. Focus on what I want!

You can do the above in your head or put pen to paper:
Download and use my Universal List process to Flip your focus from Fact to what you want and how you want to feel.

We get what we focus our energy and attention on! So, once you're crystal clear on what you want and how you want to feel.

Download and write a Focus Flow to read, shift your focus and get into the feeling place; raising your vibration and firing your imagination.

Why write it down? The fascinating study conducted on the 1979 Harvard MBA program where the 3% who had written goals were earning, on average ten years later, ten times more than the remaining 97%, 13% of whom had unwritten goals and 87% no goals!

Realising the power of the written word and focus. Give what you want more energy, attention and focus by becoming an evidence seeker that what you want and what makes you feel good is starting to show up in your life. Write it down in a daily journal and put more energy, attention and focus on what you want and guess what, you'll receive more be feel successful and happy about. You'll be in an allowing place, which in turn will help alleviate the fear and doubt. The less doubt, the quicker what you want will start to show up in your life!

Be flexible on the journey and see failure as a learning curve as the person with the most flexibility gets the best results and there's no failure only feedback.


Call | Text 07827932138 or email or visit ( While you're there, please feel free to download my FREE Ebook Attract What You Want and/or signup for my FREE E Course.

I look forward to meeting you!


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