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April 2023 @ Adobe

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Come to our April 2023 meetup! Adobe will be welcoming us back into their offices, with food provided by NYC++.

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Featured Speaker: Bret Brown
Talk Title: Requirements for C++ Successor Languages

2022 was the year of the C++ successor language! It seems everyone has been talking about what the Next Big Thing is and how to get there. However, while there has been much focus on language design and features, relatively little attention has been paid to how C and C++ codebases worldwide could practically embrace a major change in the ecosystem.

This talk will approach the broad problem of how to consider the feasibility and velocity in converting existing C++ projects to the Next Big Thing. We will share and discuss some of the pain points and lessons learned while making large-scale changes across a codebase that both contains many projects and a wide variety of them.

This talk will not pass judgment on C, C++, or any other emerging systems programming language, but it will propose things technologists should consider when thinking about how to evolve the codebases for which they are responsible. In particular, we’ll discuss common ground for C++ optimists and pessimists – why adoption of the Next Big Thing seems to require adoption of other Big Things: C++ modules and C++ packaging standards in some form.

Speaker Bio
Bret Brown is a Software engineer currently focusing on improving C and C++ ergonomics, correctness, and productivity for Bloomberg's Developer Experience department. Bret likes making authoring and maintaining C++ codebases simpler and more intuitive by treating projects more like cattle and less like pets. He is especially interested in the software development lifecycle, development automation, modern build systems, packaging, code transformation, software governance, and code analysis. Bret worked in embedded C++ and safety critical C++ for previous employers. Currently Bloomberg's C++ Infrastructure Lead, responsible for technologies such as build systems, packaging standards, and compilation toolchains for C and C++.

NYC++ Meetup
NYC++ Meetup
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1540 Broadway · New York, NY
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