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What we’re about

From The Gutters Of The Bronx To The Rooftops Of Manhattan.
Impromptu, Unadulterated, FULL-ON Psytrance Parties And Raves.

Who is this group for?:
All true NYC PsyTrance lovers, enthusiasts, ravers, DJ's and producers, sharing mutual love and passion for this type of music.

Why was this group created?:
After living in Beirut where I explored local vast and thriving PsyTrance music spheres, I was surprised to find that New York City's scene is pretty much non existent, especially when compared to other large cities.

My goal is to rejuvenate Psychedelic side of the Big Apple by organizing underground, often impromptu, unadulterated, full-on parties whenever and wherever possible.

My favorite style of Psy?:
Always: Full-On, Progressive, Deep Trance, Tech Trance, Uplifting and Goa. But I also do not shy away from listening to and playing: Dark Psy, Downtempo, Classic, Experimental, name it.

I am open to comments, ideas and suggestions, so come on over and say hello!