Klaas Pieter Annema - The Grass Is Greener On The Dark Side

New York iOS Developer Meetup
New York iOS Developer Meetup
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Conde Nast

4 Times Square 4th floor, left, end of hall · New York, NY

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Check in with gov't ID in lobby, then take elevator up to the 4th floor.

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This month, the great Klaas Pieter Annema (@klaaspieter (https://twitter.com/klaaspieter)) will present "The Grass Is Greener On The Dark Side", a talk about incorporating best practices from other programming languages and frameworks in our code.

Too often, we think that our problems are unique to our own situations. The reality is that, for most problems we face, someone has already dealt with those same problems. In some cases, issues that we all face in Objective-C have been solved in other languages.

Klaas Pieter will give examples of some common problems in Objective-C that we either haven't realized are problems yet, or currently tend to write our own solutions for, and share examples of how other languages have approached these problems. He'll talk about how to apply their learnings into our Objective-C code, and how to incorporate them immediately into our day-to-day work.

About Klaas Pieter Annema:
Klaas Pieter has worked professionally with Objective-C, Objective-J, Python, Javascript, and Ruby. He's contributed to a number of open source projects like Cappuccino (http://www.cappuccino-project.org), Objective-J (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Objective-J), and Ember.js (http://emberjs.com). Klaas Pieter is currently head of native apps at Karma (http://yourkarma.com) and previously worked with Sofa (http://www.madebysofa.com) and Acclivity (http://www.acclivitysoftware.com). Check out Klaas Pieter's blog, covering a variety of dev subjects, at http://www.annema.me

We're glad to be back at Conde Nast (http://www.condenast.com) this month (thanks Michael!)

Please note the new RSVP policy:
If you have a Going RSVP, you'll be guaranteed admission until 6:55 p.m., at which point both Going and Waiting List RSVPs will be admitted until the space is at capacity. Please make sure your RSVP appears with your first and last name that matches your ID. Email [masked] with any questions.