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What we’re about

Rebel Meetups are on a mission to connect a generation of humans who challenge the status quo.

Our completely free networking events were created so that you can connect, share and learn with like-minded entrepreneurial folks – founders, creators, freelancers and rebels of all kinds!

Over the past 10 years, our community has built businesses of all sizes (totalling a value of over £100m) that continue to deliver a lasting, genuine global impact.

LOVE our mission? Here’s how you can help us grow:

Spread the word - invite a friend to your next event and follow us on socials, let’s build this together!

Host an event - our superstar hosts become the go-to person in their local community for all things business. If you want to connect community while building your personal brand, then apply here to become a host.

Lend a venue - do you own a bar, coworking space, or office and want to fill it with awesome people who will go on to become your biggest advocates? Let’s chat.

Become a sponsor - get your brand in front of a global audience of business leaders and decision-makers who are building the companies of tomorrow. More info here.

Rebel Meetups is part of Rebellious Co, an organisation founded with the mission to develop the next generation of business leaders and democratise entrepreneurship through accessible experiences. We are powered by our partner organisations, Newblood and Dffrnt.

Dffrnt is a membership community for those looking to unlock their own super-skills, in their business or career. Through our content, community, and events, we help you develop the interpersonal and soft skills that up-skill you and propel you to the heights you want to operate at. Find out more and sign up here.

Also be sure to check us out on LinkedIn to see updates, and tag us in any pics or posts from our events! Our hosts love to see these updates and integrate your feedback.

For the Rebels 👊

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