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Self Exploration is about fully understanding our life journey on this planet. Our birth time, date, and location establish our birth planetary configuration. This configuration is our life blueprint. It shows what we bring into the current life (from our past life deeds - past Karma). A detailed analysis shows our overall strengths, weaknesses, financial/relations blocks, and health issues. As well as specific timelines (based on personal planetary configurations on when time periods are best and worst for our life journey progress.
Spiritual Development starts with the realization that we are spiritual beings undergoing a human life experience. Questioning who we are, what is our life journey purpose, and where we came from? Understanding that all of creation is energy including us. And all energy has a vibration frequency. Universes, planets, countries, and individuals have different levels of energy frequency. Corrupt systems have dense frequencies. Pure systems have a light (less dense) frequency. Our body-mind-spirit being needs to be purified (made less dense by clearing all negativity within us). Our life (spirit) journey evolves when we are less dense. Spiritual Development is living in purification and working with processes to help clear all negativity (including past Karmas) to open us to paths that help us evolve into graduating to the higher frequency/dimensions.
More information on the individual planetary configuration and healing negativity within us can be viewed at brahmeevedichealing.com

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Recording of Self Exploration Discovery Process to develop a better Life Journey

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The Self Exploration discovery process starts with reviewing a person's planetary configuration at the person's exact time/date of birth at the specific birth location. A detailed review shows the main characteristics of the person's life journey. This includes successes, failures, health and relationship issues, strengths and weaknesses as well as personality type.

The individual's planetary configuration helps identify secrets of the person's life journeys past, present, and future? Understanding the past journey is important as this manifests the present life journey on earth. Which is all about the past that needs corrections, completion, shifting, and eventual clearing of all past negative deeds (Karma). Only through this process, will a person be able to have a complete and more meaning full life.
Self Exploration is the realization of the importance and understanding of the development process that includes:
Act of Correction
Act of Completion
The Shifting
Art of Establishing
Shiva Paraksha will provide details of this process and examples of changes in people's life journeys after going through this process.

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Self Exploration Discovery Process to develop a better Life Journey

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