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As Fishtown's first and longest running spiritual healing and meditation center, founded in 2005, New Beginnings Holistic Therapies, Inc. embodies a laid back, warm, welcoming vibe to newbies and experienced practitioners alike.
At New Beginnings Meetup's people can expect to walk in as a stranger and leave as a friend. With a passion for cultivating community, JoAnne diligently aims to build rapport with all who enter her space. It is a place of like-minded, spiritually seeking individuals with a path and purpose of healing, exploring, transforming, transcending, expanding, giving, and receiving...
One can expect to be a part of a transformational meditation and healing process where energy healing will be felt, messages will be heard, and inner peace and bliss will be obtained.
You will meet with energy healers and all who are interested in energy healing. Participate in Reiki Shares and give and receive sessions in a positive environment. Attend meetings and workshops with people of like minds to explore the amazing process of healing body, mind and spirit through meditation, spiritual practice and other holistic approaches. \

Special events are held regularly where people seeking specific training in energy healing modalities and assistance with their spiritual journey, whether through formal training or group support, can come together in a safe space to explore the endless possibilities of working with energy, Angels, and the spirit realm.
As a master and teacher in a variety of energy healing modalities and as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, specializing in integrative and Holistic Psychotherapy, JoAnne holds the credentials and experience to support you on your path regardless of where you are on the journey.
In addition to the advertised group events listed here, JoAnne offers private individual sessions where she can utilize the many energy healing modalities that she has mastered during her intensive training in the healing arts. You can find a list of the modalities offered by JoAnne at New Beginnings below.
Also as an important part of JoAnne's practice and ministry, she is a professional wedding officiant that has done over 70 wedding ceremonies in the past few years, as well as offers her services for funerals and memorials, and baby blessing ceremonies.
If you are interested in learning more about JoAnne's offerings in spiritual counseling or individual, couples, or family therapy, please inquire with her personally by sending a private message, email, or contacting via telephone. (A free 15-minute phone consultation will be provided to see if working together is a good fit.)
I look forward to seeing all who attend these wonderful weekly events and to being a part of your journey towards enlightenment.
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