What we're about

If you have ever asked yourself questions like:

What is money (really)?

Should derivatives markets exist?

How much is the environment worth?

Should we give alternative economic thinking a chance:
feminist, experimental, associative, participatory, et al.?

How to deal with the competition of emerging economies?

For or against a Brexit?

Are capitalism and morality irreconcilable?


then you want to join our debating society.

As it shows on the banner, we don't offer full lectures (there are LSE and other venues for that). The format calls rather for one or two volunteers to introduce the issue, followed by an exchange of views, in a friendly, inclusive environment. Everyone may contribute to the conversation, no one is forced to. New ideas, even the radical (but robust) ones, and unexpected approaches to a problem, are welcome. If economics is about scarcity, it seems that the greatest scarcity in economics today is imagination.

We are all actors on the economic stage. Let's play our individual parts with an understanding of the whole script. Come, join the debate!

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