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Two and a half thousand people on this group! The last meetup before 2022 happened in the year 2016 - and even that was after a two-year hiatus. Ruby on Rails was all the rage then. When I inherited this group last month, I wondered if anyone was using RoR anymore. I know my company does... now. We will move away from it soon.

At least that is what we are saying. I know many places where RoR lives on like a relic. Like COBOL. Not that that is bad in anyway. Or it could be. I have no clue. But who knows when anyone will abandon RoR.

Before changing the focus and goals of this group I reached out to a few people on this group to get their opinions. One in every 5 people I wrote to, responded. Well, I only reached out to 5. So thats a good sample size. Or is it?

Hmmm... I know 10 years ago I was doing RoR, but it was also around that time I moved to DevOps. Now that is kind of out of style in a way.

But regardless and more importantly, everyone is 10 years older. Many former engineers are now Senior Managers. Some are VPs. Those who were Engineering Managers then, are probably SVPs or retired or VCs. Who knows! For several of us, our kids are in college.

So... this group is not RoR anymore. We are going to keep up with the times. We are moving on towards whatever is the new and shiny thing of the day.

The new and shiny could be transformative technology, innovative gadgets, revolutionary business ideas, unbelievable advancements due to research and development, everything new.

I'll send out an email. I'll put this description and ask for opinions.

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Understanding AWS Redshift – Under the hood

Link visible for attendees

The unprecedented explosion of data volumes in recent times has created an environment where companies must formulate a thorough data strategy. Formulated strategy and the final solution must account for the data volumes, total cost, scalability, and simplicity of use.
AWS Redshift provides a solution for analyzing large volumes of data, cost-effectively. Amazon Redshift is a fully managed & scalable cloud data warehouse that accelerates your time to insights with fast, easy, and secure analytics at scale. Thousands of customers rely on Amazon Redshift to analyze terabytes to petabytes of data and run complex analytical queries. You can get real-time insights and predictive analytics on all your data across your operational databases, data lake, data warehouse, and third-party datasets.

This workshop focuses on both fundamentals of redshift like architecture & data modeling, and advanced concepts like Query optimizations, backup & restore, and Security in redshift.
Key Takeaways:
· The fundamental understanding of redshift and its architecture
· Data model and data types best practices
· Data loading and unloading concepts
· Query tuning best practices to optimize performance.
· Security concepts with Redshift.
· How Redshift manages backups and restores data.
· Hands-on experience with redshift infrastructure
Who Should Attend:
· Experienced redshift users (Data Engineers/Business Analysts): you will thoroughly understand some of the advanced redshift concepts which will help you improve your system's performance and save cost.
· Beginners: you will learn the fundamentals of the redshift with some advanced concepts. Additionally, hands-on experience as part of this workshop will make you familiar with the AWS interface and will motivate you to further advance your redshift and other AWS services knowledge.


Date: October 6th, 2022 (Timezone PST)

7:30 - 8:15 AM - Architecture
8:15 - 8:30 AM - break
8:30 - 9:30 AM - data modeling and data load and unload
9:30 – 10:00 AM - food break
10:00 - 11:00 AM – Query Tuning, Security, Operations, and Backup & restore
11:00 - 11:15 AM - break
11:15 - 12:00 PM - Lab

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Register directly here: https://teams.microsoft.com/registration/CBkhuR0hgUm8ullcBAGjbA,eY6PCE5UWEWb6phWA2IiwQ,IM6hmdRQh0ii5_XGnr-gIA,ofNhK4ruoEiOionMKJ2-Dg,_mRTjRF1zESiS2wV1yvQUg,4g9rub_7LE-1RO96u8Q29Q?mode=read&tenantId=b9211908-211d-4981-bcba-595c0401a36c&skipauthstrap=1

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