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What we’re about

Truth is at best partial, at worst error. We are at best explorers, at worst believers. If we desire to fully grow we must keep exploring. . .  Welcome Explorers! (And curious believers too!)

 This is a group for exploring and testing each other's new ideas, and for the potential of creating even more together!

As a starting point we'll discuss the possibility of: A natural morality based on our passion's values; A politics that roots out resentment so we can enjoy a unified diversity; And a culture of 7 billion honest individuals---with not one truth!

This morality, politics, and culture have one goal: that we each flourish--that we each fully bloom into all that we are--together.

Can it happen? Should it happen? What do you propose? Let's talk about it!


Note: Ripple Effect Photo by Segiu Bacioiu.