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Newton CALM (Citizens Against Leaf blower Mania) actively supports the Newton City Councilors actions to protect our children, our health and our environment with legislation to effectively regulate the use of leaf blowers. In 2017, Newton amended Noise ordinance # 20-49 to increase regulations on leaf blowers. Membership is open to all Newton residents.

We are Newton citizens who are concerned about the harmful health hazards to children and adults, and the harm to our environment caused by the noise, dust and exhaust from leaf blowers. The serious harm done by these machines is very well researched and extensive literature documenting this is available under the 'More - Files' tab at the top of this page. Leaf blowers are a hazard to our health, they disrupt our lives and their use causes contention in our community. Only the manufacturers of these machines actually profit from their use. Commercial landscape workers, others who use them, and all who are exposed to their noise and breathe their dust and exhaust, pay for it with our health, well-being and the denial of our basic right to enjoy peaceful lives and quiet in our homes and communities. Efficient alternatives are available and there are landscapers who provide excellent services without using leaf blowers. Our Board of Aldermen is now considering legislation to protect us from the harm from these machines. Please join us in supporting them. Let's join the many other communities who protect their citizens from this hazard.

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