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What we’re about

Come discover, explore, share, and learn new pathways and practices to further evolve as a Next Level Leader whose vision, character, and leadership results in inspiring, contributing, and advancing an inclusive culture of virtuous humanity, civility, and well-being within their organization, community and beyond.

Next Level Leaders...
• Pursue a lifelong journey of transformative awareness, wisdom, and growth in their beliefs, acts, deeds, actions, relationships, and contributions.
• Are diverse people and lifelong "seekers" whose curiosity, passion for people, moral character, and personality align towards a core pursuit--transformative growth.
• Honor the sacredness, dignity, and civility towards others through their words, deeds, choices, and actions.
• Create a better world for all the lives they touch whether directly or indirectly, personally, or professionally, briefly or over one's lifetime.
• Advance and contribute to an inclusive culture of virtuous humanity, civility, dignity and well-being for the sanctity and betterment of both human and living kind.

This group is for diverse leaders and entrepreneurs who serve in a leadership role as a board member, founder, CEO, director, senior executive, or other leadership roles within a company, organization, or agency.

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