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So what's new in Angular v9?

e-square.io happy to invite you to join us for a special event for Angular 9 release hosting 3 talks!

Link for the live event:

Talks & Speakers:

What's new in Angular 9 & new ways to register providers - By Eliran Eliassy (CEO & Founder @ E-SQUARE.io | GDE)

Angular elements are a great solution for wrapping micro applications. Sometimes, we want to combine more than 1 element on the same page and share providers between them. Angular now provides a new way of registering providers on the platform level. In this talk, we will understand how Angular register providers under the hood, what is really providedIn and how and when we should use them.


Components test harness in Angular Ivy - Ron Netzer - Lead Angular Architect, e-square.io

Component harnesses offer an alternative way to test components. By abstracting away the implementation details and providing a consistent API, our tests become smaller, durable and more readable. In this talk, I will show how to use Angular Material’s harnesses in our tests and write our own harness.


New templates type checking in Ivy - Oshri Trifo - Software developer, Takeaway.com

Runtime errors are always a real pain when comes to Angular applications.
Before Ivy, templates types errors were almost impossible to track.
In this talk, I'll explore how Angular type-checks templates improved with Angular Ivy. We will break down the process of finding and understanding the new strict templates types and why it's the next big thing in your Angular development experience.


See you there!