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This is a Meetup for anyone, who's interested or working in Angular.

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ngCopenhagen - August edition (Online)

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Welcome to ngCopenhagen - August edition! Hope you all had a nice summer break despite the current situation. This event gives you opportunity to have your favorite PJ on, sit on the sofa and learn about "The State of Angular" from Minko Gechev (https://twitter.com/mgechev) and "How USB is evolving" from Kenneth Christiansen (https://twitter.com/kennethrohde) ! Agenda - 5:30 Welcome message by ngCopenhagen team - 5:40 "USB explained" by Kenneth Christiansen - 5:10 "The State of Angular" by Minko Gechev - 6:50 Goodbye & see you next time -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: USB Explained Description: We all use USB (Universal Serial Bus) in our daily lives, for data transfers and for charging our devices. But some cables work well, some don't at all and some are just slower! What is up with all of that and is there any chance that all of this will be better in the near future, so that we can live the dream us having a universal data and charging cable? In this talk, Kenneth digs into the needy greedy details of how USB is evolving and gives a lot of hints on what to look out for. About Kenneth: Kenneth Rohde Christiansen is a Danish software engineer and architect, specialized in mobile and web technology. Working at Intel out of Copenhagen, Kenneth helps define Intel's strategy and plans regarding the Web Platform, as well as puts it into action. Kenneth is also responsible at Intel for the intersection of many hardware types (incl. USB) with the web platform, and therefore has extensible knowledge in this field. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: The State of Angular Description: In this presentation, we’ll look at the current state of Angular and its tooling infrastructure. Along the way, we’ll dive into the theory and motivation driving the direction of the framework. In the second part of the talk, we’ll focus on the tooling that Angular provides to help you deliver apps quickly and efficiently. About Minko: Minko Gechev is an engineer in the Angular team at Google. For the past years, he has been building open source tools for static analysis, libraries, and frameworks. Before joining Google, he was a co-founder and CTO at the EdTech company Rhyme.com, which in 2019 was acquired by Coursera.

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