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RSVP: Go grab a ticket here ! -------------------------------- Meetup season is back! Come join us in our inclusive meetup with familiar atmosphere :) No hiring, just friends and open source community at it's best ;) This time we will meet at Livesport office. See you soon ! Doors: 18:30 Talks starts: 19:00 Schedule: Meetup Announcements & TL;DR by ngParty team @ngPartyCz ( --- Micro-Frontends with Angular Elements by Lukáš Fryč @lfryc ( About Lukáš: Lukas is the Frontend Team Lead in Exponea, Google Developer Expert for Angular, father, semi-regular speaker on frontend technologies and testing and an open-source enthusiast. Angular Elements is an Angular Labs project that made it in its preview version to Angular 6. Micro-Frontends, on the other hand, are a concept known better as Microservices, just extended to frontend technologies. What do those two have in common? Come see at this partly theoretic, partly motivational, partly demonstrative talk. --- From Zero To Hero with React and TypeScript by Martin Hochel @martin_hotell ( Wanna build robust and maintainable app and get an amazing developer experience while building it ? Wanna use functional approach, typed JavaScript, and get blazingly fast and easy to write unit tests ? Is this even real ? Indeed It is! With React and TypeScript. A best couple to write web apps for today and the future. Join me in this live coding session to become a new Hero from zero with React and TypeScript. --- Speaker Free slot Submit your talk ! --- After Party !

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    What we're about

    This meetup is for all interested in modern apps development! yesss.

    We are focusing mainly on JavaScript and Typescript, also keeping close eye on React, Polymer, WebComponents and Angular, but overall, we are open to all Next Generation technologies.

    Come join us! We have a saying here at ngParty: There is never late or early, to have a good beer with folks, yes YOU! from the community.

    Our main goal is to get developers together and exchange their experience and knowledge no matter what type of carbon entity they are, for that reasont our meetups are in English and doesn't accept negative waves of any kind.

    See you on next meetup!

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