Regular meetup - XXIII

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Bucharova 2641/14, 158 00 Praha 13-Stodůlky · Prague

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Aspira building see

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Meetup season is back! Come join us in our inclusive meetup with familiar atmosphere :) No hiring, just friends and open source community at it's best ;) This time we will meet at Livesport office. See you soon !

Doors: 18:30

Talks starts: 19:00

Talks end: 21:00



Meetup Announcements & TL;DR

by ngParty team @ngPartyCz (


Micro-Frontends with Angular Elements

by Lukáš Fryč @lfryc (

About Lukáš:

Lukas is the Frontend Team Lead in Exponea, Google Developer Expert for Angular, father, semi-regular speaker on frontend technologies and testing and an open-source enthusiast.

Talk abstract:

Angular Elements is an Angular Labs project that made it in its preview version to Angular 6. Micro-Frontends, on the other hand, are a concept known better as Microservices, just extended to frontend technologies. What do those two have in common? Come see at this partly theoretic, partly motivational, partly demonstrative talk.


From Zero To Hero with React and TypeScript

by Martin Hochel @martin_hotell (

About Martin:

Martin is a Principal Software Engineer and Google Developer Expert with strong passion for JavaScript/TypeScript and clean code. He loves contributing to open source (TypeScript, rex-tils, ng-metadata, @skatejs, React, Preact), enjoys writing technical articles on and also runs the biggest JavaScript meetup in Prague/CZ - ngParty. Martin loves to travel the world and meeting new people at conferences. When he’s not busy preparing the next meetup or talk, you can find him outside on one of his skate/snow/wakeboards (depends on weather conditions yo!)

Talk abstract:

Wanna build robust and maintainable app and get an amazing developer experience while building it ? Wanna use functional approach, typed JavaScript, and get blazingly fast and easy to write unit tests ? Is this even real ? Indeed It is! With React and TypeScript. A best couple to write web apps for today and the future.

Join me in this live coding session to become a new Hero from zero with React and TypeScript.


How to connect the Angular Router with @ngrx/store

by Vojtech Mašek @vmasek (

About Vojtech:

I am a software developer with expertise in Angular and TypeScript

Talk abstract:

We will see the usage of reducer taking care of syncing the router state with your store. Most of the functionality can be covered easily with the @ngrx/router-store, but we will also show more advanced usages with router parameters as data filters and demonstrate how to solve this with a custom reducer.


After Party / Q & A !