Regular meetup - XXVI

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Aspira Business Centre

Bucharova 2928/14a · Praha 13

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Aspira building see

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Hey folks! It's time for another #Prague #JavaScript community gathering!
Come join us in our inclusive meetup with familiar atmosphere :) No hiring, just friends and open source community at it's best ;) We will meet again at wonderful Livesport office. See you soon!


Event overview:
Doors: 18:30
Talks starts: 19:00
Talks end: 21:00



Meetup Announcements & TL;DR
by ngParty team @ngPartyCz (


Flutter for the Web developers

by Evgeny Kot @bunopus (

About Evgeny:
Frontend developer, speaker. Co-organizer of HolyJS conference. Dart/Flutter/Web GDE.
Evgeny has come a long way from C++ and low-level programming to .Net and MS stack. But then, realizing that the frontend best reflects the inner essence of things, went into the world of Web.

Talk abstract:
What is Flutter? You've definitely heard something about it. And if we talk about mobile developers, then someone loves it, someone hates it. But what about the frontend developers? Is this technology an ultimatum silver bullet for everything on the client side, or another wave of hype? Let's see what Flutter has to offer and what its main problems are.


No Elm tutorial will tell you this
by Martin Jahn @twistocz

About Martin:
I have been working as a full time python developer for over 6 years. I always wanted to build single page app but I don't like Javascript. So Elm seamed like a good alternative way to achieve that. It's not my first functional programming language but it's first that I actually used to build something useful.

Talk abstract:
I want to share what I have learned for last year from Elm. It's a functional programming language that compiles to Javascript. But it's not only a language but also a standard library. You will hear about elm architecture. Where you should use it and where you really shouldn't. Basically everything that I would like to know when I finished Elm tutorial.


Angular bootstrap and initialisation
by Vojtech Mašek @VojtechMasek

About Vojtech:
I'm delivering Angular apps since it was in the pre-release stage. I am currently in charge of tech leading multiple products using angular as their main front-end solution. I am trying to provide all the experience I have to the community via speaking, organising local meet-ups, writing posts and contributing to OS ecosystem around Angular and typescript.

Talk abstract:
Talk will cover some of the more advanced scenarios that developers struggle to understand when they want/need to initialise the application in run-time. It is crucial to understand what is blocking the Angular bootstrap (it waits until finished) and what is truly run-time configuration.


After Party / Q & A !