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Hey folks! It's time for another #Prague #JavaScript community gathering. This time we're moving fully online as coronavirus is preventing us from meeting and having a good beer in person. Hopefully that's gonna change soon...
Come join us in our inclusive meetup with a familiar atmosphere :) No hiring, just friends and open source community at its best ;) See you soon online!

Event overview:
Welcome: 18:30
Talks starts: 18:40
Talks end: 20:30

NOTE: After every talk we'll have 10 minutes Q&A

Meetup Announcements & TL;DR
by ngParty team @ngPartyCz (

Webpack 5 Module Federation
by Zack Jackson @ScriptedAlchemy ( )


Tooling to scale a Design System
by Nicholas Boll @NicholasBoll ( )

Talk abstract:
A design system can be used to scale up application design and development, but what are the tools of a Design System? We use all sorts of tooling to create new components, test our code, and help us accept external contribution.
We'll explore some tooling that we use to help us maintain Canvas Kit, and other tooling that helps scale out core concepts of the design system. Many concepts are usable in all areas of application development. Hopefully you'll find something useful.


TIL: TypeScript tipzzz #2
by Martin Hochel @martin_hotell ( )

Talk abstract:
Martin continues with his TIL (Today I Learned) miniseries related to anything TypeScript/JavaScript in a lightning talk format. This time he'll show you interesting techniques which you can leverage immediately in any of your current projects. The title of this talk is: "A bottom type comes into a React bar..."