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A future without browsers + Build Beautiful Web Apps With Angular Material

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Jaime González G. and 2 others


Thanks to a co-sponsorship between Microsoft and Google we can proudly present Kenneth Auchenberg:

"I’ll take you through a journey of the web browser history, and provide with a perspective on how the web apps of the future will look like in a world, that's increasingly dominated by mobile devices, and constrained by new challenges such as limited power, battery and connectivity. The web and the apps you build today will continue to be relevant, but maybe in a different way from what you expect today. Who knows, maybe browser you use today won’t exist in the future?"

The talk will touch browser history, the business model of browsers, progressive web apps and, but more interesting provide a perspective on what comes after PWAs. What will happen when the browser chrome has gone away?

Update - we have more for you!

Jaime González Garcia will give a talk about how to Build Beautiful Web Apps With Angular Material.

"Material design is Google's revolutionary design language that lets you build beautiful apps that look awesome in any device. Angular Material is a collection of components that bring the beauty of material design into your Angular web app.

Join me in this session and learn how you can build stunning Angular applications in a breeze with the aid of Angular Material."

The talk is a beginner's talk, but we assume you have had at least some angular experience.


18.00: doors open, come and mingle with us! Available foods: pizza + beer + green alternative. Why change a winning concept, right? :-)
18.30: Intro + A future without browsers
19:10 - 19.30: Q&A
19.30 - 19.45: Mingle
19.45 - 20.30: How to Build Beautiful Web Apps With Angular Material

All times are approximate. :-)

Full name required for badges - if you don't want to change your superhero nickname, just drop us an email. :-)

About the speaker

Kenneth Auchenberg is a Program Manager at Microsoft and lives in Vancouver, Canada, where he leads the next generation of web developer tooling. He's a Global Shaper for Word Economic Forum, serves on multiple advisory boards, and is a frequent public speaker who travels the world.

Kenneth has been all connecting dots over the last decade. He quit his gas station clerk job at 16 to code web scrapers, and fell deeply in love with the web, so he took a job at a newly acquired startup, ZYB, and saw it grow from 15 people in a basement to 100.000 people in skyscrapers around the world in Vodafone. He then once again went back to the basement and joined Hoist (later Podio), and helped take the startup on a very similar journey from basement to skyscraper, when Citrix bought the small Copenhagen-based company in April 2012

Recently, he skipped the basement for a change, and went straight to Microsoft on a mission to get browsers to talk to text editors and to enable everyone to build the developer tools they need for the web.Getting things and people talking isn't a new thing for Kenneth. During the last decade he repeatedly asked himself why everything isn’t as connected as it could be.
Kungsbron 2 · Stockholm
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