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ng-upgrade Hack Night!

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Sam J.


[Note that we've switched locations from Ella to CDK!]

Lost on how to upgrade from AngularJS to Angular? Well guess what!? We're having an ng-upgrade themed hack night this month!

Before the meetup:

1. Watch this talk by Asim Hussain at ng-conf called, "When You Can't Use the Word 'Big Bang'":

In that talk, Asim outlines a 10 step process for upgrading big AngularJS apps to Angular.

2. Clone this repo:

3. `npm run setup` - Be sure to do this on your own so we don't bog down the shared wifi with all the package installations.

Sam will give a quick lightning talk on this process, and then everyone can work at their own pace understanding the migration. Asim has a branch for every step.

BIG THANKS to our food sponsor and host CDK Global!


If you park after 5 PM, it is $1. If you leave the lot after 6:30 PM, the attendant won’t be there, so you will leave your payment in the box.


1) Go to the east building and go up to the third floor via the elevators

2) If you arrive after 6, call 5032778033, so Kendra can let you in the building.


Burger bar!

Can't wait to see everyone!

P.S. Angular communities around the world strive to be welcoming to everyone. All attendees are expected to abide by the JSConf Code of Conduct ( Thanks and cheers!
CDK Global, Inc
2525 SW 1st Ave · Portland, OR
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