Akka.NET and the Actor Model: Concurrency without the Pain

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The .NET platform's most recent major releases prominently feature improved concurrency tools and keywords, and that's no accident. In a world where developers are expected to build applications that are consistently responsive across a wide range of devices, user experiences, and workloads knowing how to take full advantage of the power of concurrent programming is essential.

But let's face it: even with nice tools like the TPL and async / await, multi-threaded concurrent programming has typically been a bottomless pit of despair, Heisenbugs, and lessons learned the hard way.

None of this is true with Akka.NET and the actor model: a powerful programming methodology that makes building concurrent applications easy, fun, and much more powerful than what we had before.

Presented by Aaron Stannard, CEO of Petabridge, a world leader in building distributed systems and tools in the .NET ecosystem.


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