Can you see inside your DevOps? - Presented by Ben Ghazi


Can you see inside your DevOps? Is the engine running?

Cloud DevOps can be a burdensome and daunting task to get the visibility needed to win trust and act fast for the business. Which build is any given environment? What work has been done this sprint? Did anything go mid-sprint? What has been tested? What should be shipped this sprint? Can our project grow or are we at risk? With DevOps still young and so many ways to skin that cat, I’ll share my experiences, bumps, bruises, and successes to get your build automations streamlined, repeatable, and maintainable. All for one sole purpose: get value for your business - fast and repeatable.

Tonight's topic will be presented by Ben Ghazi.

Ben is the son of an immigrant, husband and father of two, wakeboarder, snowboarder, general outdoor lover. Since he connected to the internet for the fist time (circa 1993!), he has always been fascinated by systems. After 15+ years in the industry he is still the happiest learning and teaching a better way in technology and software.

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