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What we’re about

Hey There,

  • Are you living in Toxic Relationship?
  • Going through divorce/separation in your life and needs emotional support?
  • May be in a challenging marriage and considering divorce or separation.
  • Doesn't know how to plan Divorce?
  • Having tough time to heal trauma.
  • Unable to create a healthy environment around you and children (Parenting).

If any of these situation matches you then please consider joining us, NikkitheCoach group is all about to share, connect, support and learn from other people in similar situations.  We will be having experts from different background to help you in reconnecting yourself and surroundings.

My lil intro:
This is Nighat Haroon, I help people to overcome OBSTACLES in SUCESS.
I am a life coach, NLP practitioner, Certified Hypnosis practitioner, CBT and RBT in UAE.