What we're about

Learn, share, and investigate new breed of data analytics

Ask yourself?

o What is the fate and future of Hadoop?
o What is Data Lakehouse architecture?
o What is the architecture of Cloud Datawarehouse?

What would we discuss in our in-depth sessions?

o Snowflake
o AWS Redshift
o Azure Synapse
o Google Big Query
o Databricks

What would we implement or learn how to implement?

o How to build batch data pipelines?
o How to build streaming data pipelines?
o How to provide change data capture?
o How to tune scaling of data warehouse performance?
o How do you monitor, measure, and optimize costs on Cloud Datawarehouse?

Who should be interested?

o Business Data Analysts
o Data Warehousing Technologists
o Passion to learn new technologies

Past events (193)

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NJ Hadoop - Big Data Meetup