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Deep Learning - Computer Vision - Classification using CNN - Hands-on workshop
Goal: To learn and apply deep learning techniques to computer vision Roadmap: The following techniques will be covered in 4 different sessions 1) Classification 2) Object detection 3) Object localization 4) Instance Segmentation Agenda - 1st session a) What are Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)? b) How does classification work in a CNN? c) Hands-on workshop for classification Speaker: Anand Kadumberi, Data Scientist Environment setup Pre-requisites: 1. Elementary proficiency in python. 2. A system with GPU (cloud/laptop/desktop) for hands-on workshop 3. Software – Anaconda 3, tensorflow-gpu, keras, opencv-python, jupyter lab Tutorial or Books recommended 1. Standford lectures - Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition ( 2. Deep learning (Ian Goodfellow) 3. Deep learning with python (Francois Chollet)

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