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Large Scale Data Analysis to Improve Business Profitability

• Framework - Spark, R

• Machine learning - SparkML, H20, R, scikit-learn

• Graph Processing - GraphX, Titan, Neo4J

• Streaming - Spark, Flink, DataTorrent, Beam

• Deep learning - TensorFlow, H20

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1. Scala: traits + maps + pattern matching
2. Scala: Monads + partial functions
3. akka: actors + routers + supervisors
4. akka: scaling -> remote + cluster
5: akka-http: composable rest apis

Akka workshops
Actor model and how to design scalable and fault-tolerant clusters
Recommended book for folks to follow topics
Use case – Build custom workflow for data ingestion
Real time dashboard and REST services using Spray 2.0 (aka-http)
Design of rest services
REST and NoSQL data store
Can you try Tableau to demonstrate real time dashboard?

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Time series Forecasting - ARIMA and R

Princeton University Lewis Library 138

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