Past Meetup

Workshop - How to Build Recommendation Engine using Spark 1.6 and HDP



a) Hands-on - Build a Data analytics application using SPARK, Hortonworks, and Zeppelin. The session explains RDD concepts, DataFrames, sqlContext, use SparkSQL for working with DataFrames and explore graphical abilities of Zeppelin.

b) Follow along - Build a Recommendation Engine - This will show how to build a predictive analytics (MLlib) recommendation engine with scoring This will give a better understanding of architecture and coding in Spark for ML.

Hands-on session (pre-reqs) - Please download and come to the session

1) Laptop with at least 8G or RAM

2) Download and install Hortonworks Sandbox on VM

3) Please follow pre-requisite steps to download datasets needed for the labs otherwise you will only be able to watch and not participate. The instructions are in the following github link

You will need to do both section HDP Setup and run the commands as zeppelin user to download the datasets and load them into hdfs.

Speaker: Alex Zeltov (Sr. Solutions Engineer, Hortonworks)