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JavaScript, Object Oriented Design Patterns Presentation

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Rich Sandoval

I started my career coding in C++ and Unix eventually finding my way to the Microsoft world when .Net was first released. I've been there ever since working in the backend and middle tier on databases, services and workflows. As application architectures changed, I found myself working more and more on the client side and on the server with data services. Despite having avoided javascript for a long time, I found myself doing more and more of it. I finally decided I needed to learn javascript and took it up as a challenge. It's only another language right... How difficult could it be?

JavaScript, Object Oriented Design Patterns Presentation abstract:

Javascript seems to be everywhere now a days... It's something that every developer needs to add to their skill set. It used to be that you could know a little javascript, add a click event to an element and you were good to go... Now it's not uncommon to build the client entirely in javascript. There are lots of libraries to help, but what if you are new to javascript, the learning curve can be steep. That's where I was not so long ago. I needed to learn javascript but it was different from the managed code I did every day.

Javascript is a prototypical based language. We will look at how it differs from a class based language like C#. We will cover scope and closure, namespaces, objects, module patterns, events and callbacks which are key to writing complex applications in javascript.

One of the good things about javascript is that code is not hidden away in an assembly. There are lots of great open source javascript libraries available. Armed with your new knowledge of javascript you will be able look into a library and see what functionality it provides and how it is coded.