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What we’re about

NJ Walk n' Talk is a friendly walking/hiking group for adults. Life is a never ending Adventure. Join us as we explore beautiful places with a friendly & welcoming group of amazing people. ➡️Instagram Hashtag: #NJWalknTalk

We might also plan other events like theater🎭, movies🎥, dinner🍴, coffee☕, drinks🍷🍹 or anything else that sounds like 🎈fun 🎉🎶. We are welcome to any suggestions and if YOU want to become an event-organizer just send us a 📧Message.

✳️➡️ MEMBERSHIP POLICY: <br>First and foremost, please understand this is NOT a dating group, some of our members are in a relationship or if single may not be interested in a relationship at this moment in their life. Our group is all about meeting up in person for wholesome fun and creating new friendships. That said, if you find your other-half💗 here, we will be happy for you both. Members of this group are expected to conduct themselves in a way that is respectful, mindful and considerate of themselves and other participants during all our events. <br> <br>

We are happy to have you all join our group (sorry, NO kids🧒 or pets🐕). The experiences within the group will be enriched by full participation by many. However, the Organizer reserves the right to drop individuals from the group for lack of participation, inappropriate behavior, and actions not in the best interests of the group. That decision will be made by the Organizer. <br>

Additionally, by joining, RSVP, attend or participating in this group "NJ Walk n' Talk", you and/or your guests (plus 1 or more), hereby agree and understand that you and your guest(s) have read and will follow the GROUP GUIDELINES and abide by the LIABILITY WAIVER as defined in the pages below and all subsequent future policies to be described in these pages: <br> <br>




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