Internet of (Lego) Trains & Making Darwin Proud in Java

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IMC, Level 3, WTC, Tower D,Amsterdam Zuid station and then the left tower as you come out of the station. Tram 5 also stops in front of the WTC and there's buses too

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•18:00 Door opens

• 18:30 Food arrives :)

• 19:00 Talk starts

• Using Actors for the Internet of (Lego) Trains by Johan Janssen (Info Support)

• 19:45 short break

• Making Darwin Proud: Coding Evolutionary Algorithms in Java by Bas W. Knopper (JCore)

Info about Talks

Using Actors for the Internet of (Lego) Trains

Last year this session’s speaker and his colleagues started a new Internet of Things project: Internet of (Lego) Trains. They wanted to figure out if they could use Java or Scala/Akka on IoT hardware.

The Lego trains are equipped with a Raspberry Pi, camera, wireless dongle, infrared transmitter, speaker, RFID reader, and battery pack. Next to that are automated switch tracks and cameras, again with the help of Raspberry Pi’s.

To control the trains and other parts, they built an actor-based application with Scala, Akka, Akka HTTP, and AngularJS.

The session covers when and how to use Akka HTTP and remote actors to create a new generation of applications. It also presents the results of the performance tests they did to compare the REST with remote actors.

Speaker bio

Johan is working as a Java architect, trainer and competence center Java lead at Info Support. He has been working for various demanding companies where rapidly delivering quality software was very important. He likes sharing his knowledge about Java, continuous delivery, DevOps, IoT, software quality and numerous other subjects. Johan regularly writes articles and gives presentations about those subject for instance at JavaOne, Devoxx BE/UK, Jfokus, JAX, various Voxxed events, JavaLand, Scala Days, GeeCON, JBCNConf, Java Forum Nord, Coding Serbia, Javantura, JavaCro and ConFESS.

Twitter: @johanjanssen42

Making Darwin Proud: Coding Evolutionary Algorithms in Java

Java Developers sometimes face programming challenges, such as creating a school roster or determining a salesperson's optimal route, that are extremely difficult to crack using conventional approaches.

Discover how Evolutionary Algorithms can be applied to solve these complex puzzles. The session starts with a success story from the NASA space archives to explain the concepts.

Once the stage is set, it's puzzle solving time! Learn to code Evolutionary Algorithms using plain Java - although existing Java frameworks such as JGAP are also addressed. The session concludes with a checklist that can be used to determine whether Evolutionary Algorithms are a good fit to the problem. With this checklist, the decision has never been easier!

Speaker bio

Bas is Managing Partner @ JCore and a Java Developer. In his spare time, after the little ones are fast asleep, he enjoys coding Evolutionary Algorithms, fidgeting with the Twitter or the FitBit API, playing with RxJava and experimenting with (other) latest Java developments.

Twitter: @BWknopper