Bart Verheggen: Climate Change - Facts and Fantasy

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What do we really know about climate change? The big picture ( is clear: it’s warming and it’s due to us. Many details are less clear; uncertainties abound. However, uncertainty is not the same as not knowing anything, although that distinction is often conflated by so-called “merchants of doubt”.

Our speaker this evening will review some of the major conclusions from climate science, how these insights may be distorted in the public sphere, and reflect on the dynamics of the public debate about global warming (

Bart Verheggen is lecturer at Amsterdam University College (AUC) in Earth and Climate Sciences and has been an active participant in the public climate debate for almost 10 years. He hosts two climate blogs (English ( and Dutch (, where the latter has turned into a group-effort) and is also active on twitter (English ( and Dutch ( and as a public speaker.

As usual we'll start at 20:00 in the presentation room of the Doffer, but of course feel free to walk in from 19:30 or so!