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Hi all,

EGG AMS - The conference is centred on people and stories at the top companies who are making AI happen. It puts the spotlight on real-world use cases and hot topics like machine learning interpretability, bias, and fairness from the humans at top companies who are making AI happen.

EGG AMS will cover a wide range of topics in a variety of formats - from technical workshops to in-depth presentations - all focussed on real-life data science, machine learning, and AI use cases.

We expect to have more than 200 attendees and more than 15 speakers!

If you're interested into speaking, feel free to fill out this survey:

If you want to be part of this amazing AI-centred event, please register here:

And because we are appreciating you as a community, we have created a special code (EGGMEETUP) for you that gives you a 40% discount on the Early Bird ticket price!