#8 // Self Sovereign Identities (SSI) @KPN

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18:00 - Walk in and Pizza
19:00 - intro by BCNL and KPN
19:10 - #1 intro of SSI by Rinze Cats from KPN
19:30 - #2 IDChain by Oleg and Konstantina from ING
19:50 - Break
20:00 - #3 SSI Uses cases (IOTA) by Jelle Millenaar from VXcompany
20:20 - Panel discussion with Berit, Oleg, Rinze and Jelle.
20:45 - Drinks
21:30 - End

#1 What is digital identity and SSI? Rinze Cats guides us through the basics, history and potential.

#2 How ING started working on digital identity, Collaboration with Dutch Blockchain Coalition and the reports submitted. Joint project with DT and TUB, Germany with output to the community. Future plans: mortgages, “right to be forgotten". Hyperledger Indy – blockchain for decentralized PKI – top level overview. Verifyable credentials : off-chain, CL signatures.

#3 Jelle Millenaar on Self Sovereign Identity Use Cases. Examples of working products using IOTA and the Odyssey Hackathon 2019 winning SSI MVP.


Rinze Cats, Technical Consultant @ KPN New Business

“I have a programming background, but in recent years I've spend more time as a consultant on various innovation and transformation projects at KPN, working with a variety of technologies. After reading the Ethereum whitepaper three years ago I got fascinated with Blockchain Technology and started exploring what the technology can do and what's already being done. Eventually this led to the founding of the KPN Blockchain Team, where we explore threads and oppertunities for KPN. We as a team strongly believe that the SSI model is the future. We are currently working on a Self Sovereign Identity product for access control, hospitality and compliance.”

Oleg Burundukov from ING

Konstantina Traka from ING

Jelle Millenaar from VXcompany

Berit Fuss - Blockchain Consultant

Please come with public transport or bike as there a no parking spots available at venue itself. There are possibilities to in the neighborhood though

Location: KPN (Teleportboulevard 121, 1043 EJ Amsterdam)

- RSVP closes on 25-04 at 12:00 due to security reasons
- Identity (passport / drivers license) is required to enter the building