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Disability access with Xamarin Technologies - Dennie Declercq

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Session Abstract: Disability access with Xamarin Technologies tells you about how to make apps for people with an intellectual disability. Formerly, people thought those with an intellectual disability have difficulty reading, thus a smartphone isn’t really realistic for them. But nonprofits and startups started to explore this user base and found out a way of making apps that people with an intellectual disability can use.

Why is this important? Well there are two big reasons - firstly: If people with an intellectual disability can use your app, they can get information about their life-situation and that empowers quality of life. Smartphones for example use Text-To-Speech and principally the requirement to be able to read isn’t there anymore.

For you as developer or startup there’s also a big benefit of these apps: nearly every market is discovered for mobile apps. Every market already has a large number of existing apps. But the market of apps for people with a disability is quite less discovered, so if you are good, you can rule a whole market!

Speaker Bio: Dennie is volunteer developer of apps for people with a disability. It's his passion to make apps and data solutions that engage people with more needs, to be able to do all the things that can be done.

He founded his own nonprofit - DDSoft. And at this time he's president and main developer of DDSoft