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Configuring & Using Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services in Agile Projects

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The speakers – Doru Dan, Cristian Stroe and Sjors Meekels - will share insights on practices and demos of tools used in Agile projects.

Sjors, our guest speaker, will kick off the session by highlighting some interesting capabilities of VSTS supporting “the Agile way of working” that most organizations have embraced. By reflecting on well-known tools like Jira, participants should be able to quickly understand the benefits of using VSTS in a daily programming routine.
Cristi & Doru will then talk more about the technology enabling “the Agile way of working”.
When it comes to Continous Integration/Continuous Delivery, there’s a myriad of tools available out there, but only few end-to-end solutions really work together seamlessly.
Our speakers will focus on “a match made in heaven” (or clouds): Microsoft VSTS (aka TFS in the Cloud) and Azure.
They will be introducing a practical guide on how to configure CI/CD tooling for a .Net application hosted in Azure.

Note: all sessions will be held in English

Speakers’ Bio

Sjors Meekels
Sjors has been working in several roles within software development since 2001, starting as a developer, going through a BA phase, moving on towards management & agile coaching roles. In recent years he has helped development teams in large organizations to improve their way of working in a structured manner, by covering topics such as DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Agile Scaling and Continuous learning. Besides working in assignments for clients, he regularly blogs on Agile topics and is a book reviewer for Dutch management bookseller ManagementBoek.nl. Since early 2016 he is an independent professional working under the name of Agitma.nl.

Doru Dan
Doru has hands-on experience with a wide variety of technologies (from Microsoft full-stack, to web development and good-ol’ Flex) and industy verticals (such as telecom, financial services, financial trading and so on), acquired during his 10 years experience as a software developer and technical lead.
Doru has been a trainer and coach for multiple internship/student programs, helping guide the software career of a few young talented minds in Craiova. He likes to meet technical enthusiasts and entrepreneurs in person, enjoying attending international Tech Conferences.

Cristian Stroe
Cristi has been involved in the software industry since 2009 and is currently working as a technical lead. Having strong knowledge in a vast area of Microsoft-based technologies, Cristi’s focus in recent years has been on technical design & software architectures. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional and a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in SQL Server also holding a Microsoft Certification on Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications.
Cristi has recently started to share technology-related matters with the international community, having talked for instance on dotnetflix about securing applications with IdentityServer 4, and is keen on further developing knowledge-sharing practices with the technical community.

Who Can Join

This meetup has limited seats, so we must limit the audience to Microsoft technology professionals, interested in the Agile methodology and developing Agile practices.
If you are a developer, technical lead, Scrum master, or software architect, please RSVP early in order to secure your seat.
We look forward to meeting and exchanging ideas about CI/CD tools within Scrum-based .Net teams!