Join us for our "Genesis Block 0" kickoff meeting

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Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence

11 Arboretum Lane, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M3J 1P3 · Toronto, ON

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**Room Change** Room 125 (main floor). About a 10 minute walk (West) from the York University subway station (University-Spadina line)

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**Room Change** Please note we will be meeting in Room 125 (main floor). Same building.

Join us for our "Genesis Block 0" kickoff meeting on Wednesday March 14 at 7pm.

I'm both a NEO and Ethereum developer as well as a software veteran. Over the next months, we will cover a complete gamut of NEO topics. Let me know if you have a topic you'd like to present or anything you'd like to learn more about.

1. Introductions
2. What is NEO?
3. Why NEO?
4. The best resources for coming up to speed as quickly as possible
5. NEO Blockchain Quick Start Guide for .NET Developers (
6. Guest Speaker: Jason Chao, Founder at Orbis Communications, Vancouver, BC - see below anything you would like to talk about to help get this group off to a great start.

Best regards,
Michael Herman (Toronto)

Jason Chao
Founder at Orbis Communications

Bluetooth mesh networks have diverse applications ranging from its numerous commercial IoT applications such as smart manufacturing, smart homes, automation, and peer networking. Individual consumers and developers however remain locked out of this lucrative market. The Orbis platform aims to establish a platform for both consumer and commercial developments in Bluetooth mesh by establishing pre-existing infrastructure and network for developers to deploy onto. The Orbis Token (OBT) will also be used initially to reward developers for successful releases as well as consumers for simply participating.

Jason is the author of the founding Orbis whitepaper and passionate about bringing his vision of consumer level mesh networking to fruition. Jason funded the initial development of Orbis with returns from early investments to conduct a successful presale. Though young, Jason seeks to grow his platform in the cryptocurrency community and aims to disrupt the wireless communications industry.