Apache Spark & Scala at scale

Data Driven Rijnmond
Data Driven Rijnmond
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Wat we doen

In this first meetup we will talk about our personal experiences, best practises and pitfalls setting up a Apache Spark cluster, implement Spark jobs in Scala and managing these via Airflow.

Next up we'll end the evening on a high note by having freelance software developer, writer, public international speaker, and amateur musician Peter Hilton (@PeterHilton (https://twitter.com/PeterHilton)) talking to us about Scala's biggest problem: writing maintainable code.


18:00 - Arrive, drink, eat

18:45 - Talk 1

19:30 - Talk 2

20:15 - Drinks and Networking

21:00 - Everybody out



1. Building a data ingestion & processing pipeline with Spark & Airflow
speaker: Tom Lous

2. How to write maintainable Scala code
speaker: Peter Hilton