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Sping is located in the old Legermuseum. You can enter via the parking lot and go up the stairs to enter the office. There will be limited parking space (+-10), so please use public transport if possible!

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We asked our community what topics are most popular. Design Sprints came out as a clear winner. This fourth meetup we invited some great expert speakers about this topic. Be inspired by real stories from the field!

Design Sprints @ Sping
Thursday - 7 February 2019 - 19:00

Sping is located in the old Legermuseum. You can enter via the parking lot and go up the stairs to enter the office.

Enter + Drinks + Pizzas!

19:30 – 19:50
How do design sprints relate to agile development sprints?
Speaker: Jochem van Engers - Head of Strategy & UX @ Sping

Last decade, many companies have been adopting development methodologies like agile, scrum, or kanban. A majority of IT-teams started to work in “sprints”: short iterative cycles of development.
However in 2015 a new ‘sprint’ was introduced by Jake Knapp from GV: the Design Sprint. It’s a process where multidisciplinary teams spend 5 days understanding, ideating, prototyping, and testing big business problems, before launching into full-blown product development. Product teams around the world have since consumed, tested, and adopted Design Sprints into their toolkit. Without question, design sprints have changed the way companies of all shapes and sizes approach new product and service development. But “How do design sprints relate to agile development sprints?”

I’m a “Design For Interaction” graduate at the TU Delft.
In the past I’ve had various UX roles in the financial industry and start-up scene. At Sping I work as a strategist and product owner and together with the UX team, we create impactful products for a wide variety of clients.

Q&A + break time (10 min.)

20:00 – 20:20
Startup Scan: How we adapted the Design Sprint to create and test new propositions
Speaker: Paul Reijnierse

With the introduction of Design Sprints, we saw many teams that used the format by Jake Knapp as a silver bullet for many different problems. We experimented with using the original format quite extensively and found that while it was great for kickstarting new products, we started to adapt the format every time we worked on finding new propositions. While we would use many of the underlying concepts (user interviews, validation, prototyping, pressure cooker), the sprint setup we use in a Startup Scan is very different.

I’ll share our experience with the challenges we face when we look to shape a new proposition and how we tackle them with a Startup Scan. Along the way I’ll go into where it differs from a GV Design Sprint and how and when we still use the ‘classic’ Design Sprint.

About Paul Reijnierse
I’m co-founder of The Main Ingredient, a venture builder from Amsterdam. At The Main Ingredient we launch new initiatives as independent startup or corporate venture. Hands-on & all-in. Our Scan.Build.Grow. approach guides a company through the different phases from idea to full-blown company.

Q&A + break time (10 min.)

20:30 – 20:50
Digital Interventions against AIDS in Kenia
Speaker: Anton Vanhoucke (Innovation Strategist and Agile Coach @ Agile Growth)

Anton Vanhoucke (Agilegrowth.nl) shares his learnings developing digital interventions and setting up (big) data collection in the area of HIV. The sprint blew up, but the result was no less interesting.