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It's 2017! Let's kick off another year with the Dutch Mobile .NET Developers on Feb. 22nd. Centric in Gouda is our generous host this evening. We have sessions on ReactiveUI and VR using Unity3d and C#

18:00 - Doors open & dinner

19:00 - ReactiveUI
Stefan Moonen

Stefan has been working with the ReactiveUI ( framework for some time now. He will share all the cool things he Observed (pun intended).

20:00 - VR in a Box
Timmy Kokke

Timmy Kokke is going to talk about building a cross platform VR app for the Google Cardboard using Unity3D and C#. He's going to show some of the basics of Unity3D, how to get a new project up and running and how to develop against that using C# in Visual Studio. Eventually he's going to deploy the app to a mobile phone.