The Circus Act #8

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You never know what's going to happen at the Circus, but we're bringing it to town!

The Circus is a speakers series for entrepreneurs in Den Haag. Join us in room 3.16 to listen to inspiring and interesting stories of entrepreneurs.

Room 3.16 is on the third floor. You can take the elevator or stairs to get there.

If you sign up, then your name will be on the list at security.

We start at 7pm and have two speakers (each gets 20 min + 20 min for Q&A) before moving to the bar (first floor) at 8:30pm.

Feel free to bring friends or food (or both!) with you!

David and Joanna

NEW: We have partnered with MakeSense so the drinks afterwards will be SenseDrinks. Join us to find out more :-)


Speakers this month are:

1.) David Parkinson:

David is a leadership consultant and coach. He recently completed a senior leadership assignment for Unilever based in Singapore where he led a team of about 70 engineers and was responsible for delivering Unilever’s capital investment program across South East Asia. As an entrepreneur, he set up and developed a leadership consultancy called Farsight Leadership in 2003, based in the UK.

David is speaking about the evolution of his entrepreneurial leadership business from formation in 2003 to the point where he cashed out in 2011 to move back into corporate life. He will share his personal experiences as the business developed through many twists and turns, giving a fascinating insight into the life cycle of a small business.

2.) Max Caldo:

Max will talk about his initiative 'Transition towards a money-less society'. (

"Start the transition into the moneyless society with us today. We are going to make it happen.

If you want to shake your view of the corporate world, then this event is for you!

In the "Chaos phase" of a 3 phases program, we will initiate the dialog around three topics being :
- What are the truths we can't see in our world, and why? Is there anything we can do about it?
- How can we create a society where money is not the unique fuel for our engine?
- How can we reach this far future? What are the research questions?

Join us an be part of the movement!"