Getting Started with GraalVM Polyglot Programming - live demo and handson labs

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GraalVM is several things, including a modern JIT compiler for the JVM and a generator of native images (to run applications as standalone executable - ultra small and super fast). It is also a Polyglot runtime engine that can run applications in many languages, such as Node and JavaScript, Python, Ruby, R as well as C/C++, Rust and Swift and of course JVM languages such as Scala, Groovy, Kotlin and Java. And not only can GraalVM run mono-lingual applications in each of these languages, it also does interoperability between these languages. Any language that GraalVM can run can invoke code written in any of the other languages. Java applications can leverage NPM modules, Node application can run Java libraries or Python modules or Ruby gems.

Programming just became a new ball game. Productivity can increase through reuse, migrations between technologies no longer need to be big bang, micro service implementation can leverage multiple languages if that is beneficial.

In this MeetUp we will explore these polyglot capabilities of GraalVM. Participants will learn about the various aspects and cross-language interactions and how to make use of them. In the hands-on workshop, attendees will walk through labs that demonstrate the intricacies of interoperability on GraalVM. We will approach polyglot programming from various angles: from Java as well as from Node and Python, leveraging JavaScript & NPM modules, Java libraries and R capabilities.

And of course we will discuss about the ramifications. What can be the consequences - good and less good - of embracing polyglot programming?

Attendees are expected to have at least programming skills in Java. Please bring your laptop with the ability to run a VirtualBox VM.

We will provide snacks, dinner and drinks.