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Hi all,

We are really pleased to announce a new meeting of our "PostgreSQL User Group NL"! Spread the word and let’s meet. Again, it will be a wonderful evening you simply cannot miss to gain PostgreSQL knowledge.

This time the Meetup will be held at the office of Bol.com . Food and drinks are for free. Thanks to Bol.com for their hospitality.

Let’s meet and shake hands!

Coen Hamers ( Splendid Data) & Gerard Zuidweg (OptimaData)


Our Agenda:

18:00 - 18:45 Arrive, food and drinks

18:45 - 19:00 Welcome (Coen Hamers and Bol.com)

19:00 – 19:45
By: Coen Hamers - Splendid Data

We do not need to explain to the members of this group what the strengths are of PostgreSQL when it comes stability, data integrity etc. More and more organizations are also becoming aware of these strengths and therefore increasingly the use of PostgreSQL as an alternative to Oracle. The desire of these organizations ensures the creation of multiple tools that help in the migration process. Currently, different migration methods and tools are offered by different PostgreSQL affiliates.

In this presentation we show an overview of the various approaches that are currently on the market. We will present an overview about the possibilities and impossibilities of the various tools and, based on our practical experience, what the various bottlenecks and pitfalls are. We also briefly explain the primary reasons for organizations to migrate.

Core phrases of this presentation are:
• Why migrate from Oracle to PostgreSQL?
• Migration of DB schema (database data objects).
• Migration of procedures (database code objects).
• Practical examples of data conversion.

19:45 – 20.30
By: Feike Steenbergen - Adyen

Database Performance will at some point become important for almost every database, whether you require faster response times for your users, or your database instance is sometimes fully utilized, you will need to investigate and resolve the issue.

Performance tuning your queries is one of the best ways of increasing the speed of your database, with better performance you may even run your databases on smaller (cloud) instances.

PostgreSQL itself provides a lot of out-of-the-box tools to aid you in analyzing your performance. This session covers the following topics:

• logging and analyzing slow queries using the diagnostic logs
• using the pg_stat_statements extension to track queries
• use EXPLAIN and EXPLAIN ANALYZE to understand the query plan for a query
• how the PostgreSQL planner uses statistics to determine the optimal query plan
• use the statistics collector views to identify common patterns (e.g. missing index)

All of these topics will be accompanied with examples using the psql terminal to show that even though additional tools (profiling, graphing) provide a lot of value, you do not need those tools to get started with performance improvements.

Feike is working for Adyen as a PostgreSQL Database engineer. Previously he has worked at Zalando, where he was part of the team that designed and built Patroni. He has been training people in PostgreSQL for the last 10 years.

20.30– 21.00
Wrap up and get together with refreshments