How to do better launches with gradual rollouts, sponsored by Optimizely

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Hi everyone,

We're very excited to announce our next meetup with Jon Noronha from Optimizely as our speaker!


How to do better launches with gradual rollouts

Launching new products and features can be risky. No matter how much planning you do, there is always a chance that something goes wrong on launch day and your product begins throwing a bunch of errors and conversion rate starts plummeting. The damage from a bad launch can have long-lasting effects on your customers’ perception of your product and can result in lost revenue and customer churn. To prevent these issues, you could try to do more QA or beta testing but catching everything is practically impossible.

Instead of trying to prevent every launch issue, embrace the idea that failure is inevitable and start releasing products with a focus on resilience and recovery from failure. Ditch the big bang launch, and instead embrace gradually rolling out your new features to validate your product with real customers while minimizing the blast radius.


Jon Noronha, Senior Director of Product Management at Optimizely, will discuss best practices for using feature flags to do gradual rollouts including how to incorporate internal and beta customers into your roll out plan, how to know when you can expand your rollout to larger portion of customers, and how to roll back safely.


18.30 - Doors open
19.00 - Talk starts
19.45 - Q&A
20.00 - Drinks

This talk is sponsored by Optimizely.

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Our friends at ProductCamp Amsterdam are back again with their yearly event this Sunday.

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See you soon!

Iris, Steven, Gavin