Meetup #3 at Microsoft, Zaventem

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We're looking forward to meeting you again for our third Meetup! This time, Microsoft is kind enough to host us in Zaventem.


- Parking available in the garage (entrace from the back of the building, just ring the bell)

- Dinner will be provided (pizza!)


1) Microsoft Azure connected to Raspberry Pi

During the previous Meetup we talked about Windows 10 IoT that can run on the Raspberry Pi. In this session we’ll explore the other side of Microsoft’s IoT story: the Azure cloud and IoT Suite, and you’ll learn how you can hook it up to your Raspberry Pi.

2) DIY IoT

Apparently the internet of things is easy, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. I set out to create a system to monitor all utility meters in my house. I'll show you my journey into electronics and the Raspberry Pi as I try to monitor my gas and water consumption.

By Benny Michielsen, IT consultant trying to make sense of it all. Less talk more code!

We're still looking for one more speaker, so please let us know if you've got the urge to share!