Solid Netherlands
Solid Netherlands
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Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

De Boelelaan 1105 · Amsterdam

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The room number for this meetup is HG-14A33. Upon entering through the main entrance of the VU main building, use the elevator on the left and go to the 14th floor. From there we will provide further directions to make it easy to find the room.

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Wat we doen

SoLiD comes to Amsterdam!
For details about SoLiD see: and it's commercial vehicle Inrupt:

13:30 doors open
14:00 Jeroen van Beele: welcome and opening
14:05 Wouter Beek: VU and Triply: linked data en SoLiD
14:15 Michiel de Jong: SoLiD back end
15:00 current developments in the SoLiD environment
15:15 break
15:30 Vincent Tunru: SoLiD front end, app development
16:15 interactive: examples of and experiences with app development,
we have contributions from several app-developing groups, including:
Linked Beer, Cultural Heritage, Bike sharing, Data Browser
17:00 close, drinks at

Michiel and Vincent are core members of the SoLiD-inrupt-team. Michiel has deep knowledge of PODs and Vincent of app-development on the SoLiD-stack.

Developments around SoLiD are speeding up and we like to give an overview of what is happening and where you can join in.

There are several interesting cases that we want to present. We have invited several developers to share their experiences with development on the SoLiD stack.

After the session you are invited to share a drink at The Basket, in the centre of the VU-premisses:

This first Solid Amsterdam session at the VU in Amsterdam is organised with the support of Solid-Inrupt, Platform Linked Data Netherlands (PLDN), Triply and the VU Amsterdam.

Participation is free-of-charge, but attendance is limited to 50 persons. You can register for this event via: