Using Morphological Tension Model to create need based personas

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*the Salt building, corner of Danzigerbocht and Koivistokade

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95 percent of all our decisions are made subconsciously. So why are we using profiles that define customer by their gender, income, age and (yes, we have seen this happen) favorite drink? When designing experiences we need to know a lot more about our customers. That is why we call for the death of traditional personas.

Over the past ten years, Koos has used an approach to create rich and actionable profiles based on deep drivers, needs and motivations instead of demographics: the Morphological Tension Model.

A Morphological Tension Model (MTM) can be created for any topic or market. Morphological psychology (based on Freud and Salber) provides insight into our complex decision making phenomenons by uncovering the tensions we face in our daily life. This provides us with a powerful tool to design experiences that are truly relevant.

In this workshop Serena Westra of Koos Service Design will show several cases in which MTM is applied. From mobility to banking, from health care to reading books. And yes, to drinking beer. After a short introduction into the theory, we will get the creative juices flowing and start doing exercises to get a better understanding of the approach.

In the meantime, you are welcome to explore our office, the “Playhouse of Service Design”, and meet fellow strategic design enthusiasts over drinks.

Time schedule:
18:30 Doors open + drinks
19:00 Start of workshop
- Introduction of Koos
- Theory of Morphological Tension Model (MTM)
- The value of need based personas
- Exercises and cases
21:00 Time for more drinks
22:00 The end

Koos Service Design
Danzigerbocht 39E
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*the Salt building, corner of Danzigerbocht and Koivistokade