We crunch(ed) Artificial Intelligence, part three

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Hi there,

We are happy to announce the third edition of our Meetup in which recommendations via text mining & robotics are the main topics.

Thomas Stalman will show us how text mining is used by a startup for seeking a restaurant when you have dining plans. This is what he says about it: "Tastes differ. So how could you use data science to predict which restaurant someone will like? You will find it out during this talk where we will take you on a journey into recommender systems and text mining".

Our second speaker is Peter van Lith. Peter is a self-employed, self-taught hardware and software engineer, robotics and AI specialist. His current interest is in soccer playing robots and he is developing a self learning soccer robot. He is a member of the Tech United RoboCup Soccer team of the TU Eindhoven, who were threefold world champions in the past six years.

Get an impression of our Meetups at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQdYMk_00Ds

Doors are open at 18h. Entrance is free. Food and drinks are supplied. Our official program starts at 19h. Get to know our enthousiastic team of young analysts and data scientists, and learn exciting stuff about Artificial Intelligence.

RSVP to our Meetup and see you on the 27th of June.