ThingsCon Salon #9; Meetup Intimate Technology

ThingsCon Salon
ThingsCon Salon
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This ThingsCon Salon brings together scientists and creators for a workshop and lectures on Intimate Technology.

Technology is getting closer and closer to our body - and minds. Wearables read our behavior and reason about our desires and intentions; fashion becomes connected and can change its characteristics; our data is shared, combined, analyzed and integrated to enhance its effects.

New interfaces emerge based on technology mediated conversations, including the senses of touch, sound, and smell. Sensors read our body and brain and extend our possibilities to express ourselves, but also limit what we can hide. Combined with artificial intelligence, nanotech, and robotics, our relation with near body technology becomes ever more invasive, and more complete. Welcome to the intriguing world of intimate technology.

In this ThingsCon Salon, we will tap into these changes and learn how technology becomes more intimate. We teamed up with DesignLab and Creative Technology of the University Twente and combine insights from science and ethics with experiences, experiments, and products from fashion and art.

Curated by

• Iskander Smit, Founder ThingsCon Amsterdam, Innovation director, Visiting Professor Delft University of Technology

• Frank Kresin, Managing Director DesignLab at Universiteit Twente

Confirmed speakers

• Viola van Alphen (, Director Stichting Art & Technology, Co-Organiser and Curator Manifestations - like "Will the Future Design Us?" and "Internet of women things".

• Jan van Erp ( - Professor tangible user interaction at research group Human Media Interaction of University Twente with a special interest in using discriminative touch in haptic and tactile displays and social touch in mediated communication and interaction with virtual agents and robots.

• Angelika Mader (, Assistant Professor at the Human Media Interaction research group (HMI) of the Faculty Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Twente. Her focus of research is on areas related to Creative Technology, including the Design Method of Creative Technology, Teaching Methods (as Tinkering), and Wearable Technology.

• Jamy Li (, Assistant Professor in the Human-Media Interaction group at the University of Twente. His research interests include social science applied to the design of social robots, autonomous vehicles and communication media as well as the use of technology to support the study of social systems.

• Nicola Liberati, postdoc researcher. Works on new computer technologies, postphenomenology, and mediation theory. He is especially interested in Augmented Reality, Wearable Computers, and Sex with Robots.

• Lancel/Maat (, Artist duo and researchers Karen Lancel and Hermen Maat explore the tension between embodied presence, intimacy, privacy and trust in current social-technological systems. They radically turn upside down automated control technologies, bio-feedback and sensory perception, to create 'Trust-Systems' for intimate meeting experiences.

• Edwin Dertien (, Assistant Professor and creative roboticist. He has a fascination for robotics, and has worked on several projects involving (autonomous) robots, both from an engineering or artistic interest.
Since 2006 his company 'Kunst- en Techniekwerk' (making art work) has been providing the technical backbone in art-projects, ranging from robot-arms for sci-fi movies to autonomous GPS track drawing robots also realising various autonomous art works, big moving sculptures and weird installations for festivals and expositions.

• Peter-Paul Verbeek (, professor of philosophy of technology at the Department of Philosophy and co-director of the DesignLab at the University of Twente, will close with closing words and reflections on the topic and the evening


18:30 - Walk in
18:55 - Welcome by Alma Schaafstal, Frank Kresin and Iskander Smit
19:00 - Viola van Alphen
19:20 - Jan van Erp
19:40 - Angelika Maler
20:00 - experiences workshops Edwin Dertien & Lancel/Maat
20:20 - Jamy Li
20:40 - Nicola Liberati
21:00 - Peter-Paul Verbeek
21:10 - Drinks

The Salon includes a workshop [masked]) by Edwin Dertien on 'Animatronic Body Augmentation' to explore the new intimate technology yourself, and a workshop by Lancel/Maat on tools at the body and the meaning of movement. Both with limited capacity.
In the evening we will have a meetup with speakers that dive into the different aspects [masked])

There are separate pages for the workshops of Edwin Dertien ( and Lancel/Maat ( RSVP on this event is for the meetup.

The event is open to anyone interested in IoT developments. We especially welcome attendants who want to create and develop IoT products and services.