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The edge of chaos – A place for initiative and connection
The agenda is: [masked] Food & drinks[masked] Introduction by Agile Holland board member Dick Croes and a small pitch of the sponsor[masked] The workshop with a small break[masked] A drink afterwards This evening brings a workshop by Philip Meulenkamp, Team and Organisations Coach, www.meulenkamp-enzo.nl Philip is a self employed team- and organisations- coach who is out looking to support organisations to ‘Increase the Impact of Craftsmanship’ to the benefit of customers ánd organisation. He works with customers based on systemic mental legacies and principles. He combines his technical background with his experience and knowledge of working philosophies like Agile and LEAN, focusing on the cultural and behavioural aspects of making work fun ánd successful. The Edge of Chaos – A place for initiative and connection When you let go of 'command & control', and leave the initiative more to your professionals, what prevents you from to end up in 'Chaos'? In Chaos there is enough activity, but no patterns and meaning at organizational level. Somewhere between Full Structure and Chaos is something you could call 'The Edge of Chaos'. In Agile organizations it is often looking for the balance - how much letting go can you handle, without everyone 'just' doing something? The Edge of Chaos is a 'place' where there is freedom for initiative and new connections, where patterns of meaning arise, the dissolving again in something new. The intention of this meetup is to investigate with Agile professionals in response to a pitch of this. What is for an Agile organization 'the edge of Chaos'? What does that look like in practice? With your active participation, I hope we together can learn more about The Edge of Chaos in Agile organisations.


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We are an independent organization of, and for Agile practitioners in the Netherlands. It is our mission to apply Agile principles and promote practices. This website is one of the means to achieve that.

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